About half of all electricity is wasted — which means there are big climate wins to be made in solving it. Displaying energy consumption with a light that glows red when people using too much, and green when they use less, gets people to reduce their energy use without even noticing they are doing it.

colored lights

Environmentalists often decry that asking people to “switch the lights off” is too simple an ask to stop the climate crisis. …

It’s hard to change something that you can’t easily see. Magic Leap is helping to change that by making a 3D digital twin of Los Angeles, complete with real-time environmental data, and biophilic visualizations of what future cities could become.

What if, instead of thinking about the future in climageddon scenarios of sea-level rise, desert-baked cities, and wide-spread extinction, you could put on a pair of Magic Leap’s augmented reality glasses and be immersed in a positive alternative future world that we do want.

Research shows that images of negative…

Have you ever tried to get people to take on an Earth-saving action? It can be tricky. I sat down with eminent author, professor, and game designer, Jesse Schell, and asked him how he would approach saving the Earth as if it were a game.

gamification planet

You might not be surprised to learn that behavioral psychologists consider pro-environmental behaviors to be one of the most difficult behaviors (compared to exercising, quitting smoking, etc) to get people to adopt. …

It’s hard to get people to do environmental behaviors — but it can be done. I interviewed leading systems ecology and gamification expert, Professor John Petersen, on the twelve secrets behind how to design digital displays for buildings that really influence people — and how they can make big change happen.

How do we know our environmental impact when the numbers describing it are invisible? Think about how many liters of water flowed from your shower this morning, the carbon emissions released by your neighborhood last week, or the air pollution lingering outside your street right now. Do you know those…

Heatwaves are getting more extreme every year, having dramatic consequences for human health, the environment, and the economy. Here’s what you can do to avoid getting cooked next summer.

Recent heatwaves have been the most extreme they’ve ever been. Searing temperatures in California reached up to 120F and took such a toll on the grid that there wasn’t enough electricity because all the power had been used up by millions of air conditioners. …

You’d be amazed at how many change-makers assume this one thing — that educating people about a cause, leads to people taking action on a cause. It doesn’t work. Here’s why.

You’ve probably heard this one before.

“If people just knew about it, then things would change.”

“If people only cared more, things would change.”

Then comes the next bit — “Let’s create a project-startup-campaign-book-documentary-app-NGO-conference-festival to EDUCATE people on this very important issue and get them to CARE more!”

I see…

At the core of the human spirit is a need for meaning and purpose. These less-common practices will help guide you to the center of yours.

It's easy to get caught up in the pursuit of goals or of successes: a better body, a financial goal, a holiday, a new car, an award to win, or the new modern craving — more Instagram followers. (You know you want them.)

There’s a deeper craving at the human…

When we talk about the future of planet Earth, we hear stories of devastation and doom. While it’s necessary to understand the science of environmental damage, we’ve been painfully missing a vision for the world we *do* want.

When we talk about the future, there is a lot of talk about doom. Not the 1993 video game—but doom for planet Earth.

Everybody wants to change the world, yet why is it so hard for people to keep up the behaviors that make change happen? Just ask people to write down a promise — no fancy app needed.

Most people working on social change startups and projects make a terrible mistake. They simply “hope” their project will influence people enough to change the world.

When it comes to environmental issues, getting people to do the behaviors we need to save the planet is in a crisis. Studies show…

Katie Patrick

Environmental Engineer | “Fitbit for the Planet” Designer | Author of How to Save the World | Learn how to gamify sustainability at http://katiepatrick.com

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